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by Lola Rueda

Video by Rueda 

camera: Rafa Aparicio

edition: David Luque

Agustina Denis: Sax

Pablo F. Santos: Bass guitar

Alberto Moreno: Drums loop

Lola Rueda: vocals and the rest

So I met this guy in an online app

I thought it was worth it because we were quite alike

Then we talked for a while and he said...

Baby...wanna meet me tonite?

So I went along because the time was right

When he shows up he's not even looking super nice

He says I got a girlfriend but it's an open r...

I say sush! We're gonna get along just fine

Fever since I got you baby 

Even if I don't see you

Ever since I gotcha there was nothing in the middle

I feel real

I feel for real

So he takes me on a date

oh! On a date! Nowadays!

Can you believe this guy?

I think you're such a sweetheart and maybe I'm just to hard

You think that I can like you and I say maybe, man!


So it's been quite a long time since I saw this guy last time

I've been doing my own thing

in my pijamas, no disguise

So excuse me while I don't remember his name

I remember that he smelled like he had to smell

Oh! Yeah! Fever...

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